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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at Ah Seng Durian

When you arrive at the stall, please proceed to the kiosk to key in your phone number and you will receive a print out of your pre-ordered durians along with an assigned queue number. Your queue number will be called on the big screen once your order is ready. In the meantime, you can choose to have a drink at the near by coffee shop and we will send you an sms when it’s nearing your turn.

To avoid disappointment of out of stock durians, there’s now a hassle-free way for you to reserve your durians before you head down to the shop.

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic and the weather, we will hold your durians for 1 hour from your selected collection time. However, after 1 hour the durians will be released for sale to other walk-in customers.

Yes if you have pre-ordered your durians with us, you will receive a sms notification if the supply of durians are delayed. Once we have confirmed the timing, we will send you another update to let you know when the durians are reaching.

There is no special queue. Please head to the kiosk to choose the durians you’d like and receive a printed order ticket and be assigned a queue number. Please pass your order ticket to one of our staff when your queue number is called.

All online orders are by pieces. So if quantity 5 is selected, you reserve 5 durians.